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About our Landlords Buildings and Contents Insurance

Renting out a property can be a highly profitable and rewarding experience but securing a perfect tenant and welcoming them through the door is often just the start of a landlord’s responsibilities (and worries).

That’s why having the right Buildings and Contents Insurance has never been so important; especially when relying on the rental income to pay a mortgage.

Key Features
  • Unoccupancy cover
  • 12 month term
  • No security required on buildings insurance

With our help, we can ensure your building and livelihood is adequately protected against whatever life throws at it. This includes buildings insurance cover up to £500,000, £5,000 of free contents cover for carpets, curtains and white goods (when taken out with buildings), property owner's and employer's liability, malicious damage and loss of rent or temporary accommodation costs if your tenant has to move out while the property is being repaired. We can also provide contents cover only, if required.

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How do I work out the re-build value of my property?

The rebuild value is how much it would cost to rebuild your property (including any garages or outbuildings) from scratch. This value should cover materials, labour and an allowance for professional fees, demolition and site clearance costs. If you do not insure for the full amount, you may find that in the event of any loss, your claim will not be settled in full. The rebuild value can be difficult to calculate so the Association of British Insurers have created an online calculator to help you estimate the rebuild value of your property: ABI rebuild calculator.

Are my carpets and curtains covered?

Yes, we provide £5k worth of cover for carpets, curtains and white goods FREE with buildings cover.

Can I insure my flat for buildings and contents?

We may be able to offer a quote for buildings cover if you own the freehold to the building in which your flat is situated, however we can still provide contents cover for your belongings.

Am I covered for property owner's liability?

Yes. We offer up to £2,000,000 of protection if your tenant or anyone else makes a claim against you for injury caused while in your property.