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About our Landlords Rent and Legal Protection Insurance

By legally protecting your rental property, you’re not only taking care of the bricks and mortar, you’re safeguarding your business as well as any family dependents who rely on the rental income.

Our comprehensive Landlords Rent and Legal Protection policy has been created especially for the landlord who has everything and wants to keep it that way. Without it, non-payment of rent and expensive evictions, not to mention squatters, can have a crippling effect on a landlord’s return on investment. Sadly, we know that problems sometimes arise, even when the correct referencing procedures are followed, causing untold stress and financial pressure. Designed with you in mind, our comprehensive cover means we’ll help you every step of the way by removing problematic tenants and pursuing them for unpaid rent. We’ll also take appropriate legal action on your behalf.

Key Features
  • Eviction of squatters
  • Legal defence for landlords
  • Covers property not tenant

Covering rent up to the value of £2,500 per month and legal assistance of up to £75,000, our policies provide cover for any breach of tenancy including anti-social behaviour. A telephone helpline service is also available. For rents over £2,500 please contact us on 0344 770 1079.

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We will pay up to 75% of the rent for a maximum of 2 months or until property is re-let– whichever is soonest

If my tenant doesn’t pay the rent, how much will the policy pay out?

We will pay rent arrears up to the limit stated on your policy schedule whilst the tenant still occupies the property for a maximum of six months (over and above the excess).

How long do I have to make a claim?

You should make a claim within 45 days of the insured incident occurring

I have a new tenant. Do I need to cancel my policy?

No. The policy is transferable between tenants provided they have received a comprehensive reference prior to the tenancy commencing, as defined within the Policy Booklet.