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Protect your Landlord's rent

When it comes to offering Rent and Legal Protection, we know that letting agents have different needs to private landlords and that’s why we’ve come up with options that will help you maintain a landlord’s trust and keep you ahead of the game. Depending on how you want to work with us, we can either contact the landlord on your behalf to discuss ways of protecting their home and rent, or you can have your own policy in place, allowing you to easily add a landlord's property to it. An easy-to-manage monthly payment option is offered exclusively to agents.

By reducing the risks landlords face in this ever-changing industry and offering them innovative products as part of your commitment to them, we can help you protect that relationship.

*Limits apply

Landlords RLP Bridge 1000 Landlords RLP Bridge 2500
Repossession of the property from the tenant Legal assistance up to £1,250 Mediation costs up to £330 Up to claim limit
Cover for rent arrears Up to £1,000 per month for rents up to £1,175 per month 85% of rent arrears for rents up to £2,500 per month
Payment of rent arrears whilst tenant still occupies property For up to six months
(over and above the policy excess)
For up to six months
(over and above the policy excess)

For rents over £2,500 please contact us on 01733 396 016.

Our policy is available at such a competitive rate, you could consider offering it for free as an incentive to landlords or package together with your managed or rent collection service. There is no excess and no upfront cost in the event of any claim.

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As an agent acting on behalf of a landlord’s property, who makes a claim?

As the policy is in your name (i.e. letting agent), you arrange everything from noting the interest to making a claim should it be needed

Do we, as agents, have to pay anything upfront in the event of a claim?

There is an excess of two months’ rent to pay on any claims for rent arrears. All other claims are nil excess.

The price we have quoted you includes a £10.00 administration fee and Insurance Premium Tax

How long does the policy last?

The policy terms are 12 months but can be paid monthly.