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Utility management made easy
Save time and hassle dealing with utility providers whilst creating a valuable income stream
Dealing with utility providers and accounting for energy bills can prove a real headache for letting agents and results in a lot of your valuable time being wasted. Outsourcing your utility management is the perfect way to free up your team to focus on what you do best - letting properties.
We work with our associated company, The Utilities Hub, to offer a range of free services to letting agents. They can be used in any combination to offer a tailored service to your clients whilst enabling you earn an introducer fee for your business on every property. It enables you to offer great savings to your landlords whilst their properties are vacant and provides a personalised service your tenants will really appreciate.
To find out more or sign up to this service please contact our team Monday to Friday 9am-5pm or visit The Utilities Hub website.
Takes care of all utility notifications at the start of a new tenancy and helps your tenants find the best value energy tariffs available for their new home.
Searches the latest broadband, TV and telephone deals from the UK’s leading providers, and assists with getting the services set up ready for moving day.
Completes all check out notifications to utility providers and local council. It can also help you avoid small energy charges on empty properties.
A free concierge service to help your tenants locate services local to their new address, and provide discreet debt management advice to help if they are struggling.
Working with the UK’s leading providers including