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All you need to know about referencing

With your help, we aim to take you through the Tenant Referencing process as quickly as possible. But, because we work on behalf of the landlord or letting agent in these circumstances, we do have to carry out certain checks first. And, because we’re a market leader in the industry we like to do this thoroughly. So, whether you’re employed, self-employed or retired and no matter the salary, status or profession – our checks remain the same. This means we have to ask questions about your financial situation and credit history to protect our landlords and letting agents. We’ll also have to qualify your income and validate previous addresses and any relationships with former landlords.

Everything we do is a standard process and we will never ask you to supply us with information if it isn’t absolutely necessary. Not only do we understand this process inside out, but many of us at The Lettings Hub are tenants too and have been through exactly the same experience.

We’ll always be honest with you and all we ask is that you do the same with us. So, if you do have any credit issues that may affect your result, please tell us about this. This doesn’t automatically mean your tenancy application will be unsuccessful.

All about the Tenants Hub

The Tenants Hub provides you with a transparent view of how your referencing checks are progressing. It allows you to see how far we have left to go, whether we are still waiting to hear from your referees and if we are missing any information that is preventing us from progressing your application. You can log in wherever you are, and on whatever device, so you can track the your application at a time to suit you.

How it works

As soon as your letting agent asks us to carry out your reference, we’ll send you an email with a link asking you create an account with us so you can log into the Hub and access your application form. Once you have completed and submitted your form, you can return to the Hub at any time and to view the latest status of your application, so you’ll be able tell at a glance exactly which referees we’re waiting on or if we are waiting for any further information from you. You can also help speed up the application process yourself by uploading any documents we require directly to the Hub.

These live updates mean no more squeezing in a quick call to us in your lunch break to find out if we’ve heard back from one of your referees. Just log into the Tenants Hub and you’ll find all this information at your fingertips.

It’s FREE to use and once you’re there, you’ll never want to leave!

If you do want to call us however we are of course still at the end of the phone and happy to answer any questions you may have. You can find the contact number for the support team managing your referencing checks in the welcome email that we sent to you.

Good luck with your application. We hope you feel at home in the Hub.

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How long does the process take?

We aim to take you through the tenant referencing process as quickly as possible but in order to get you moved on time, we do rely on your prompt responses. By making sure you give us all the correct information, including all relevant addresses, telephone contact details etc. - you can help speed up the process yourself.

What checks will you carry out on me?

In most cases, we will assess and verify all of the following:- current and previous addresses, continuous credit checks throughout tenancy, bank sort code check, fraud check, affordability score, employment and former landlord references.

What if I don't want to give out this information?

We operate in an open and transparent way and expect the same from those we partner with. In most circumstances, our landlords and agents have chosen to work with us because of the extensive checks we carry out, which means we are unable to help tenants who do not wish to provide us with the relevant information.

How do I know if my credit history is good enough?

If you have ever received a County Court Judgement (CCJ) or been made bankrupt, then your credit score may have been affected. You may still apply for the property providing you tell us in full what problems you may have had. But if you try to mislead us about your credit history, then your application will be automatically rejected.