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One Fixed Price Per Let.

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We have created a new concept for lettings, meaning you can choose from one of our bundles (or create your own) giving you one fixed cost per let.

How does it work?

Step 1 | Choose or build your bundle

Step 2 | Pick the products and services you require

Step 3 | Confirm your usage & calculate your monthly price

Step 4 | Sign up to BOX

Step 5 | We create your bespoke BOX platform in 1 day

Step 6 | You onboard & go live

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    Thanks for your interest. If you need some help with your referencing or other services, please check out the Tenants area of our website here. If you still need some assistance, drop us a message and our Tenant Support team will be happy to help.

    Thanks for your interest in Box. If you need some help with your insurance policy or other services, our Landlord Support Team will be happy to help. Please call us on 0345 450 9903 or send us a message.