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We'll help match you to the best energy and media deals to suit your lifestyle

As a tenant, if you pay your household bills directly (not via your landlord), you can choose which energy and media providers supply your home. It may be tempting to settle for the existing supplier but you could end up paying hundreds of pounds more than you need to, so it pays to shop around.

How we can help

We’ll help you choose the best energy and media services to suit your individual circumstances

  • We’ll give you personalised advice on how to get the best deals so you’re not spending more than you need to on your household bills.

  • We search the whole market so we can present you with an unbiased comparison and recommendations, all on a no-obligation basis. The choice is always yours.

  • As a leading supplier of Sky, Virgin Media and BT media packages, we often have access to deals that are not available to the general public.

Offer ongoing help and support

  • Contact us at any time throughout your tenancy if you have any questions or need help with your utility services.

Check you’re still on the best deal after 12 months

  • We offer an annual review service to check the latest deals after 12 months. If there’s an even better package available, we’ll help you make the switch.


Just a few of the providers we work with

Check out our 'Big Six' reasons why you should try our switching service

  • All advice is free and offered on a no-obligation basis

  • An honest and personal service is guaranteed - we only ever offer you choices based on what we think will best fit your lifestyle

  • We search the whole market to present you with unbiased recommendations from a wide range of providers

  • We often have access to offers that are not available if you went to the suppliers directly

  • We offer ongoing support so call us any time if you have a query about your utility services

  • Each year we can review your services and let you know if there’s now an even better tariff available so you can be sure you’re always getting the best deal