A comprehensive “Pet CV” to help you better understand the type of pet(s) a prospective tenant owns, third party references and recommendations for suitable properties.

Currently Deposit Replacement Insurance can only be offered at the start of a new tenancy. This improvement to our popular insurance product will allow you to offer Deposit Replacement Insurance any time, even mid-term, providing more flexibility for you and your tenants.

Allowing you to create landlords terms of business via BOX and send to landlords for e-signature, digitising and expediting your landlord onboarding process.

Allowing Alto customers to automatically create references with BOX at a click of a button and share information between the two platforms.

The BOX platform allows you to enter additional landlords once you have confirmed the tenancy is proceeding at Step 3. However some clients have requested they do this earlier to save time preparing the tenancy later, so in this enhancement we will be adding this functionality to the ‘Create tenancy’ page.

A client requested feature that will see figures entered in the tenancy agreement written numerically as well as alphabetically for clarity e.g. 8 (Eight).

Currently you can choose to send a copy of your template tenancy agreement to tenants prior to referencing. This enhancement will allow you to populate that agreement with basic details about the specific tenancy the tenant has applied for including the rental amount, deposit value and other key information.

This enhancement will introduce alerts to remind you when important documents (such as gas safety certificate, EICR, EPC etc) are due to expire so you can ensure your tenancies remain compliant.

For clients using our tenancy agreements feature, you’ll now be able to select which bills are included in the rent. This will automatically populate the draft tenancy agreement saving you time entering this information manually.

This enhancement to our tenancy agreement feature will allow you to send prescribed information as a separate document to the tenancy agreement. Currently it is included with the tenancy agreement but this improvement will give you full control to issue this important document whenever you need and provide a full downloadable audit trail.

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