Intelligent tenant referencing

Tenant referencing is a vital part of the process when letting out your investment property. Having the full picture of any prospective tenant will give you the knowledge to make the right decision when letting out your property.

Tenant referencing helps you both ensure you have the right tenant for your property and ensure you meet your Right to Rent legislative responsibility. Being able to understand a tenant’s financial position and background, employment status, previous behaviour in rental properties as well as verifying their identity and Right to Rent check gives you the reassurance that you have found the right tenant for your property.

At the Lettings Hub we reference 1,000 tenants a day and have over 10 years’ industry experience- so you can be confident you’re in the hands of a trusted industry supplier.

In fact, we are so confident in the quality of our tenant referencing we include a fraud protection guarantee with every reference!

What we check

Are your tenants who they say they are?

A fraudulent tenant is a major concern for landlords, and with UK and Irish fake ID documents tripling in the last two years it’s vital that you can detect a fake ID document from a genuine one.

That is why we use the latest facial biometric and liveness detection technology from government certified provider HooYu, alongside extensive database checks to verify a tenant’s identity and address.

Can they afford the rent?

We obtain verified references from an applicant’s employer or accountant, checking for any expected changes to their income. Where the tenant has consented, we also securely analyse data from their bank account (using Open Banking) to provide additional verification of their income that cannot be forged.

Have they been a good tenant in the past?

We contact the tenant’s previous landlord or letting agent to check they paid their rent on time and if there were any problems during the tenancy. We also use the banking data again to check for any previous delays or gaps in rent payments over the last 12 months.

Can you legally rent the property to them?

If your property is in England, you are legally required to carry out Right to Rent checks before agreeing to the tenancy. We’ll verify the Right to Rent for all UK/Irish applicants and those with a government share code for you. We’ll also flag if the tenant poses a Money Laundering risk which would prevent you from proceeding that tenant.

Referencing Breakdown

Our Fraud Protection Guarantee

We are so confident in our technology that we will cover any Home Office Fine you receive and will cover the cost to evict any fraudulent tenant that we approve.

£36 + VAT

360 protection for your tenancy

Protect your rental income

Any tenant could be hit with an unexpected change of circumstances. Protect against lost rent and legal expenses up to £75,000.

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Protect your property

Get comprehensive property insurance specially designed for landlords by lettings experts, including protection against damage caused by tenants.

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