Deposit replacement
insurance for agents

Offer landlords over 50% more protection than a traditional deposit whilst making moving more affordable for tenants.

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Covers equivalent of 1.5 or 2 months’ rent
Zero excess on claims

*If unchallenged by the tenant(s)

Claims paid within 30 days*

Faster lets

Advertising properties as deposit- free will generate more enquiries and lets tenants move faster with fewer upfront costs, reducing void periods.

It’s a win-win

Not only will moving be more affordable for your tenants, landlords also get extra protection over and above a traditional deposit of 5 weeks’ rent.

Simpler process

Save time spent administering cash deposits at the start and end of the tenancy – with BOX you can add deposit replacement cover in just a couple of minutes.

Add a policy anytime

Deposit Replacement Insurance is available at create a tenancy, mid tenancy and at renewal, releasing funds back to the tenant at a time when they may really need it. This also allows you to generate income at any point during the tenancy through a straight forward processes in BOX.

Integrated online

With our pre-tenancy management system, BOX, your tenants can set up their deposit replacement online as part of the tenancy application process.

Integrated with Reposit

BOX is also fully integrated with Reposit offering another deposit alternative solution, in addition to our own Deposit Replacement Insurance product.

What’s covered?

1.5 or 2 months’ rent

Giving landlords additional protection vs traditional deposits


End-of-tenancy cleaning if property is not left in a satisfactory condition


Cost of repairs to damage which the tenant is responsible for

Unpaid rent

Can be used to cover any rent arrears owed to the landlord


To restore outdoor spaces if not maintained by the tenants

Removing unwanted items

Removal of items left behind that don’t belong to the landlord

Other reasonable costs

Any recoverable costs due as compensation for breach of tenancy

Rents up to £8,000

Available for a wide range of tenancies even with high-value rents

As with any cover, limitations and exclusions apply. For full details and terms and conditions, please see the Policy Booklet and Policy Summary.

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