Right to Rent & Know Your Customer

Get fast Right To Rent, precise Enhanced ID verification, Anti-Money Laundering and PEPs screening with our digital Know Your Customer (KYC) service.

Our solution provides agents and their landlords with peace of mind that fraudulent tenants will be identified before they enter a tenancy.

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Know Your Customer Reports

With 91,593 cases of application fraud reported in 2021 it is vital agents protect themselves and their landlords from the costly implications a fraudulent tenant may cause.

Our Right to Rent and Know Your Customer screening uses biometric technology and extensive database searches, including global PEPs and Sanctions watchlists, to provide a fully digital solution to identity and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) checks.

Enhanced ID Verification

Our Enhanced Identity verification solution includes:

  • Identity verification
  • Residency verification
  • Facial biometric checks
  • Liveness checks
  • ID document verification
  • Proof of address documents authentication
  • Digital footprint searches
Enhanced Identity Check Report

Detecting deep fakes and use of AI

Facial biometrics and liveness checks confirm your client is a real, live person and that their ID documents are genuine.

Fast, accurate verification

Extensive searches of reliable, independent data sources to match additional identity data and deliver results in real time.

Digital footprint analysis

On average, consumers have over 10 years of online history giving us access to a wealth of additional data that’s hard to fake and is typically more current than even credit reports.

Right to Rent

From 1st October 2022 letting agents and landlords will no longer be able to use adjusted right to rent rules that allowed them to complete checks using video calls and document copies. However new legislation now means that agents can still digitise 75% of their right to rent checks removing this significant admin burden.

Right To Rent Check Report

The number of fake UK and Irish ID documents in circulation have both tripled in the last 2 years, with British documents now the second most forged nationality. With EU citizens no longer automatically having the right to work and remain in the UK, British and Irish passports are increasingly become the identity document of choice for fraudsters.

We take the stress out of Right to Rent checks Using facial biometrics and Identity Document Validation Technology (IDVT) providing you with a comprehensive report for UK & Irish Nationals.

We also check share codes for tenants with Biometric Passports or Residence Codes for you taking another “to do” off your list.


HMRC has reported that almost half of those falling foul of AML regulations are property organisations, make sure you are meeting your legal obligation though our AML & PEPs products.

Our AML & PEPs solution include:

  • Identity verification
  • Residency verification
  • Politically Exposed Persons search
  • Sanctions search
  • Financial watchlist search
  • Adverse media search
AML & PEPs Check Report
Extensive global searches

Extensive global searches

Scouring 4 million+ records and growing, our global watchlist data is powered by expert analysts in over 240 countries. Our sanctions data is updated twice every hour so you can be sure our PEPs and Sanctions check always delivers the latest information – instantly.

Identifying risk of financial crime

Identifying risk of financial crime

Our adverse media check searches global news and other media for articles linking your customer to terrorism, financial crimes, bribery, corruption, organised crime, cybercrime, or modern slavery.

Flexible AML solutions

Flexible solutions to suit you

We offer a choice of PEPs & Sanctions check only or a full AML check so you can tailor your solution depending on the risk profile of your business.

Our trusted Right to Rent & Know Your Customer Partner

Hooyu are experts in KYC tools with over 20 years in the ID verification market. As a trusted provider to UK brands including NatWest, Virgin Money and Simplify. HooYu provides a secure and easy tenant journey to maximise adoption and is available in 26 languages.


Cut your KYC costs

Why not combine with our referencing solution and receive up to a 65% discount on Know Your Customer checks?

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Service Guarantee

Our Service Guarantee

Fraud Prevention Guarantee

We are so confident in our technology that we will cover any Home Office Fine you receive and will cover the cost to evict any fraudulent tenant that we approve.

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