Straight forward cover when you need it

Comprehensive rent guarantee and legal expenses insurance for letting agents with no hidden Covid clauses or rent value limits.

Get Protected
Covers rent arrears
until vacant possession
No excess to pay
on any claim
From £12.50 per

Prices quoted include admin fees and taxes

Rent & Legal Protection
you can rely on

Tenants circumstances can change suddenly at any time, so it’s more important than ever to look after your landlords and protect their rental income.

Unlimited rental protection

There’s no limit on the monthly or weekly rent that can be covered under our policy. You’ll be covered for 100% of rent arrears until vacant possession of the property is obtained.

No Covid clauses

With our policy there are no hidden clauses or exceptions relating to the Coronavirus pandemic. You’ll still be covered for rent arrears, even if they’re incurred whilst the courts are closed.

Mediation included

The eviction process is now more complex with even greater requirements on the property owner. To ensure that the tenancy would meet the latest court requirements if you do need to evict the tenants, specialist solicitors will take all appropriate steps to negotiate any rent arrears with the tenants first.

What’s covered?

Unlimited rent arrears

Covers all rent arrears until vacant possession is obtained

Legal expenses

Up to £75,000 to gain possession of the property

Post-vacant possession

75% of rent for up to 2 months if tenant damage means it cannot be re-let

Any tenancy breach

Eviction for any breach of tenancy, including antisocial behaviour


Evicting anyone who does not have permission to be in the property

Existing tenancies

Provided continuous rent & legal protection has been in place

Pursue damages

Legal costs to pursue tenants for property damage over £1,000

Free helplines

24/7 offering legal and tax advice and counselling

Maximum level of indemnity is £75,000. As with any cover, limitations and exclusions apply. For full details and terms and conditions, please see the Policy Booklet and Policy Summary.

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