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Right to Rent

With much of the new ‘Right to Rent’ legislation, first introduced in February 2016, being administered by already overstretched letting agents, The Lettings Hub quickly established itself as a supportive partner in the industry by introducing two bespoke easy-to-use services.

At £1 per Tenant Eligibility check and £2 for the enhanced Tenant Authenticate check, our range of compliant services ensures all obligations under The Immigration Act 2014, are met, giving agents and landlords peace of mind in a shifting legal landscape.

Key Features
  • Secure electronic copies kept
  • Documents easily uploaded
  • Easy step-by-step user guide

Failure to comply with this Act can result in fines of up to £3000. That’s why we take extra steps to validate identity documents and evidence of your tenant's correct immigration status. You can choose either service depending on which best suits your business needs, or you can use both for maximum support.


Are visa expiry dates checked on all reports?


Are all tenants over 18 checked?


How soon can a Right to Rent check be carried out?

If the tenant is only allowed to stay in the UK for a limited time, a check can only be carried out 28 days before the start of the tenancy

Are secure copies of all documents kept?