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Specially designed for renters, our Tenants Home Insurance not only covers your home contents, but also helps protect your valuable tenancy deposit.

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Protect what matters most

Your home, and everything in it, is likely one of the most important things in your life. Don’t leave it to chance – protect your belongings and cover your liability for damages to your rented home so you’re not left to foot the bill alone.


Cover for your belongings

Protect your important items against damage, loss and theft so if the worst happens you can quickly replace them. Our standard policy includes £15,000 contents cover, but if you need more just give us a call for a personalised quote.

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Fix accidental home damage

Adding Tenants Liability Insurance to your policy means you can claim up to £10,000 for repairs if your rented property (or anything inside belonging to your landlord) is accidentally damaged. It doesn’t matter who caused it – you or your visitors – we’ve got you covered, helping protect your deposit.

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Home emergency helpline

If something unexpected happens that makes your home unsafe, such as a break in or a burst pipe, you won’t have to worry or wait for landlord to deal with it. Home emergency cover enables you to take control with up to £250 to cover the cost of emergency repairs or alternative accommodation.

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What’s covered?


Accidental damage

Covers drops, knocks, spills and other accidents to your belongings


Extra seasonal protection

£1,000 free cover to protect Christmas gifts bought for loved ones


Fire & flood damage

Covers your contents if a fire or flood at your home damages them


Theft & vandalism

Protects your belongings if they are damaged or stolen following a break-in


Sheds and garages

Limited cover for items stored outside in a shed or garage


Mobile devices

Cover for £500 of handheld mobile devices included with contents cover


Public liability

Covers claims made against you for damage or injury up to £2 million


Replace lost keys

Repair or replacement of broken or lost keys, locks or alarms up to £500


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