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Agent Hub - makes managing your references a breeze

Simple yet comprehensive progress tracker

Tenant Referencing Tracker

  • Percentage progress bar and status icons instantly confirm how close we are to completing your checks

  • Micro-decisions are clearly shown against each key stage of the referencing process so you’re immediately aware of any issues before we’ve even completed our checks

  • Shows the overall progress of all references linked to a property, instantly indicating the viability of a tenancy

  • Easily switch the view to see updates listed by individual tenants and guarantors if you prefer

  • If you need to make any changes to your applications, all key functions can quickly be found within the Actions menu for each applicant/tenancy

Keep on top of your tasks

Agent Hub Tasks

If we need you to take action on a reference, any outstanding tasks are clearly shown on your Agent Hub so that working together, we can complete our checks as quickly as possible for you.

A snapshot of your activity

Referencing Application Summary

See what’s happened to the referencing applications you’ve created over the last 30 days, which can help to identify any improvements your branches may need to make to their pre-tenancy process.

Multi-branch filters

Filter agent branch

Agent Hub phase two coming soon

Add insurance protection to your properties via Agent Hub

2018 is all about innovation, integration and acceleration at The Lettings Hub. We've already completed 25% of our planned developments that will allow us to offer our clients an unrivalled range of services designed to offer complete flexibility for your letting agency, so you can build a proposition that is uniquely suited to your business model. At the forefront of our plans to deliver these innovative solutions is our technology, as we believe seamless integration with third-party services is an invaluable way for letting agents to generate much needed efficiencies, which will ultimately save you both time and money.

To achieve this, we've already started work on phase two of Agent Hub which will allow you to see exactly which properties are exposed without Rent & Legal Protection, and add cover with just a few clicks for any property that you have created references for.

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