Shining the Hubster Spotlight on… Sarah Wayman, Workflow and Process Manager 

Meet one of the friendly team at The Lettings Hub, and find out the day-to-day work life of our Workflow and Process Manager.

The Lettings Hub has over 100 brilliant staff, working together to make waves in the Lettings industry. There’s a strong sense of togetherness in the company as everyone here strives for the same thing – to deliver unbeatable service to our customers. But one employee who takes this particularly seriously is Sarah, and she will be the first person to be introduced to you in our new ‘Hubster Spotlight’ series. Let’s find out what she had to say about The Lettings Hub, her role, and her busy journey with us so far… 

Hi Sarah! Tell us what your current job role at The Lettings Hub is, and what does your day-to-day look like? 

I’m the Workflow and Process Manager, and day to day I’m responsible for ensuring all the work is effectively managed for the referencing team – including calls and referencing tasks. 

What made you choose The Lettings Hub? And what has your journey here looked like so far? 

When I applied for the job the first thing I did was look on socials, and it seemed like a lively and attractive place to work which was what appealed to me – especially as I’d been at home on furlough.  
It’s been quite a fast-paced journey since I started! I started off on the tenant support teams and I was lucky that I passed my probation quickly, within 3 months rather than 6. I then moved up to become a Moving Master, doing more in-depth referencing. I was then given the opportunity to account-manage a large client. I developed and learnt a lot in that role, so from there I was given the opportunity for a promotion, to manage the workflow and to run the whole of the referencing team. It’s been a lot to learn, but very interesting! 

What aspect of your job do you find most challenging and what do you find most enjoyable? 

Most challenging is definitely balancing everything. So, making sure the team are happy, the agents and tenants are happy, everything is getting done and the phone is getting answered. It’s a bit of a juggling-act.  
The most enjoyable bit is talking to customers. I’m a people person and like to speak to people. I enjoy helping our agents and being the go-to person! 

 Are there any exciting projects you are working on at the minute? 

What’s really exciting at the moment is that we’re focusing on our Customer Excellence Project. We’re splitting the staff into different teams and working with their strengths so that we’ve got both phone teams as well as back-office teams. It helps us with getting that balance right, so that we’re helping customers as well as getting the work done. That’s really exciting for us right now.  

What has been your favourite memory so far working at The Lettings Hub? 

My favourite days are probably Boom Days, because I’m very competitive, and it gives everyone a chance to shine. I like to win, so this boom day I did a 15-hour day! It’s a fun time, there’s friendly competition going on, but ultimately the customers come out on top when we achieve our targets. It’s especially fun when we have a theme on Boom Day, like Halloween or Christmas.  

What do you think sets us apart from the rest of the market in terms of Referencing? 

Our real specialty is that we’re tech driven but we still have the personal touch. As well as having an amazing system with BOX, final decisions and contact for our customers is with real people. We can listen to individualities, it’s not a “computer says yes or no” kind of business. We do have a really good balance between tech and people – I think that’s our biggest standout.  

Can you tell us about a memorable day in your career? 

Starting this job during lockdown, it was quite a surreal experience because I got the job, and then went home for 6 months – without seeing anyone. So, coming back into the office after restrictions lifted and meeting all these people who I’d spoken to over email – finally putting faces to names! It was really memorable and exciting. 

What’s the best work-related compliment you’ve received? 

Just recently Heidi went to visit a large client and they all had nice things to say about how I was their go-to person. They said they felt fortunate to have me on their account. I’m very lucky, I do get quite nice feedback from the team and from the agents. I’m driven, my drive is to do a good job and to get good feedback! If I tell someone I’m going to do something, it will get done! 

Do you have any hobbies or passions that you pursue outside of work? 

My children are now grown up, so it is me time now! Me and my husband like to walk with our dogs and go to different places. I follow football, I’m a passionate Liverpool supporter, for my sins! Spending time with my family is the main thing.   

Where is one place you would like to travel to that you haven’t already? 

I would love to go to America! To see all the big sights. That’s on the plan at some point! 

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